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Super-Sized Superior Plumbing Special!

Super-Sized Superior Plumbing Special

Get ready to save on your plumbing needs! Snohomish and onward, let us be the ones you call for any emergency service or installation.

We understand that money is not something you want to flush down the drain! Since inflation is rising, we’ve decided to reduce our prices and offer you incredible savings with our Super-Sized Superior Plumbing Special!

We’ve got great news for our customers in October: we’re offering up to $49 off any single service for new customers. We certainly didn’t forget our regular customers because we have savings for you, too. We’ll take $75 off a new hot water heater installation!

“If water runs through it, we do it!” Call Superior Custom Plumbing at (425) 356-1994

  • Save 49$ off any repair for new customers!

We’ll repair any plumbing issue below the regular price to get you back to a fully functional plumbing system. Get started today!

  • Save $75 off Water Heater Installation!

We’ll install your new water heater quickly and take off $75 off your bill! This is our best seller, so take advantage while you still can.

Save on services such as See our service pages for more info.

  • Fixture Installation
  • Hot Water Tank Fixture and Installation
  • Recirculating Water Systems
  • Custom Remodels & Replacements
  • Call for details or questions about how to save on the above services.


With Superior Plumbing, you get a full-service plumbing company that's at your service 24/7.

Save on Hot Water Heater installation.

What’s the scariest thing in your basement? Mice? Mold? Rot? Hands down, it’s the puddle of water around your water heater. If it’s a big puddle that has seeped its way into your belongings, it’s a mess you have to clean. It’s a mess with a price tag that could break the bank.

We understand that hot water heaters are an essential part of your home, but they don’t always work efficiently or last for long. When you call Superior Custom Plumbing, we will install a hot water heater for $75 off the regular price. Now that is money to put back in your savings acount!

We install Recirculating Water Systems

Recirculating water systems are an efficient and cost-effective way to save water, energy, and money in your home or business. Many industries prefer these systems, including hotels, hospitals, restaurants, schools, and universities. Recirculating water systems are great for big families. These systems save you money because you never have to wait for hot water. We are experts at installing these systems in your home for an affordable price.

Save on repairs for sinks, toilets and drains

When you have a clogged drain, 9 times out of 10, it’s because food particles went down the drain without first being scraped into the garbage. This is why we recommend always cleaning your garbage disposal before washing dishes and never flushing any small objects down your drains. 

At Superior Custom Plumbing, we are in this business to help our customers maintain a healthy home. Our Systematic Maintenance Packages can prevent many of the costly emergency repairs that people face when normal maintenance is left unattended. These packages provide a number of services across the board at an extremely affordable rate. Check out our maintenance packages on our home page.

Superior Custom Plumbing doesn’t just take care of emergencies. We are also a Snohomish favorite for custom installations on new plumbing systems, replacements and remodels. 

Call or contact us today! Superior Custom Plumbing (425) 356-1994

When you need to save money, Superior Custom Plumbing will super-size your savings. When you need to save money, Superior Custom Plumbing will super-size your savings.

  • Pricing is based for residence within Snohomish county anything outside of Snohomish county will be subject to additional fees for travel.
  • Sale prices are for residential only.
  • We do not repair hot water heaters. Sale price is only for installation.