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Custom Remodels & Replacements

Luxury bathroom renovation, remodel & replacements in Snohomish. We make your dream bathroom a reality.

You’ve seen the pictures online and in your dreams. You’ve seen many luxury bathrooms with beautiful, sleek showers, baths, and fixtures. You think you can’t have them because your bathroom is too small or you don’t make enough money. The fact is you can have a luxurious-looking bathroom that is attractive and functional. If you want to remodel your bathroom, or you are a contractor looking for quality plumbing craftsmanship, call Superior Custom Plumbing. (425) 356-1994.

Every day you go into your bathroom. It either makes you happy, or you’re wishing for an upgrade. The only thing that stops you from upgrading your bathroom is that you think it costs more than it does, or perhaps you are afraid that remodeling will consume your life, wreck your house, make a mess, take months to finish, and it’s all one big headache.

With the right plumbing experts on your side, this is not true. Remodeling is a positive experience that takes less time and can be less inexpensive than other remodeling jobs. When you call Superior Custom Plumbing, you get a superior job done right.

Superior Custom Plumbing is a professional plumbing contractor with the expertise you seek for remodeling and upgrades. We provide customer satisfaction with a positive experience. We will guide you through the process, make it easy for you, and finish the job better than expected.

A customer-driven service is at the heart of every project we do. Our goal is to treat customers fairly and honestly, operate professionally, communicate with customers effectively, and treat each job with a quick, concise, and effective approach. When doing remodels or changing out fixtures, i.e., toilets, sinks, faucets, etc., we offer custom services by finding out what you desire and catering our service to meet those needs.

Looking to remodel your bathroom?

Imagine yourself in a bathroom that provides comfort, rest, and relaxation. See yourself soaking in a bath that eases your stress and eliminates the distraction of worldly concerns. 

When you let Superior Custom Plumbing install the fixtures of your perfect bathroom, we’ll provide you with high-end fixtures, replacements, and custom interiors. All you have to do is dream up your design. After we complete the installation, whether you live in Marysville or Snohomish, bathtime will feel like you’re vacationing in Southern Italy.

Custom Bathroom and kitchen remodeling are what you need to invigorate your life!

Think about how nice it would be to relax in a custom-made tub just for you. What about a shower designed with you in mind? You can have those old fixtures replaced and turn your bathroom into the dream-like atmosphere that you deserve. Just a few simple changes can transform your surroundings into a unique and pleasant environment in the room where you spend most of your time.

Let us walk you through the kitchen and bathroom remodeling process.

It’s important to maintain your home and plumbing every 10-20 years. Your appliances tell you when they need to be updated. Your plumbing also needs maintenance with the occasional replacement parts so that you can continue to enjoy indoor plumbing. If it seems overwhelming, we are here to help. We offer five general steps to clarify the remodeling process.

  1. Let’s meet: We’ll meet with you to help you understand what needs upgrading.
  2. Strategize a plan: You tell us what you want, and we’ll make a customized plan within your budget.
  3. Work begins: We’ll order materials if we don’t already have them, and we’ll schedule a time to work that is convenient for you.
  4. Final walk-through: After the project is complete, we’ll walk through, take notes and check for outstanding issues or clarifications in which we will settle.
  5. A finished product: You’ll enjoy a new custom bathroom or kitchen that will make you proud.


If you do not need an entire remodeling job, perhaps you need replacement fixtures for your bathroom or kitchen. If you have been dealing with dripping faucets, leaks, or broken pipes, you may need a new part or fixture. Let us take a look, and we’ll offer you solutions and remedies for new components.

Use the most trusted plumbing company in Monroe, Snohomish, Mill Creek, and Everett – Superior Custom Plumbing.

Superior Custom Plumbing provides exceptional bathroom renovations and remodels that add value to your home. It is our pleasure to make the process of building new bathrooms in Snohomish as smooth and affordable as possible. You can rest assured that your new bathroom will be functional, visually appealing, safe, and secure.

Superior Custom Plumbing is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured business that offers only the very best in plumbing services. We stand behind the quality of our craft and customer service. You can trust that we’ll be there for you when you need professional help in your home or business.

Our customers recommend us because they know they can always expect prompt, courteous service from our highly trained staff members. We’ll provide you with an honest estimate before starting any work so that you won’t be surprised by extra costs down the road.

Call us if you need help with bathroom renovations, plumbing additions, or replacing outdated fixtures. We’ll answer your questions and keep your home running with high-end improvements and quality custom upgrades.

  • We are also available to contractors for large plumbing renovations and installations. See our service page if you are a general contractor.

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