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General Contractors

General Contractors find Master Plumbers with Superior Custom Plumbing

Attention: Construction contractors, construction managers, chief construction managers, senior construction managers in need of plumbing subcontractors. Superior Custom Plumbing is top-of-the-line for plumbing expertise in Snohomish.

Are you a remodeling contractor, electrician, or excavation contractor involved in a large remodeling or new construction project? Do you need high-end plumbing with first-rate plumbing experience? 

Superior Custom Plumbing is your first choice for professional plumbing contractors, We are equipped for custom and large scale plumbing projects. (425) 356-1994

When you need to schedule a plumber, you can’t wait six weeks. You can’t leave messages and hope someone will get back to you. You can’t hire someone you are unfamiliar with because you need reliability and someone who has the experience for the job on hand. If it’s your job to find the right plumbing contractor, your skills either look good or bad, depending on who you find. The plumbing contractor you call should be a company that:

  • local contractors work with.
  • local contractors trust.
  • is referred to contractors by contractors. 

Superior Custom Plumbing is the company that local contractors call first.

Call licensed plumbing professionals for remodeling and new construction projects.

In 2021, the state legislature passed a law requiring all plumbing work to be done by licensed plumbing contractors. Part of that law included contractors hiring and working with plumbers, plumber contractors, and bidding on plumbing jobs. All unlicensed individuals who need plumbing work must call a certified plumbing professional and must refrain from doing it themselves.

Home construction contractors in Northwestern Washington are short on plumbers who are backlogged for six weeks and can not maintain larger jobs. Superior Custom Plumbing has experience with larger jobs, construction, and remodeling projects. When you need a certified journeyman plumber, we are #1 for professional plumbing installation, gas piping, remodels, and replacements.

Superior custom Plumbing is a remodeling plumbing company—not just an emergency plumbing service. We’ve earned a reputation for top-quality work, and we continue to live up to our name. We do whole home remodeling and new residential construction plumbing.

If you are a contractor looking for a trustworthy and reliable plumber for new plumbing, remodeling, or fixture installation in the greater Snohomish area, call Superior Custom Plumbing. You’ll get industry experience that ensures successful installations, problem-solving skills that save time and money, and a unique set of exemplary skills that make Superior Custom Plumbing the pros at custom and high-end remodeling and replacement. 

Why general contractors need to call Superior Custom Plumbing and keep us in your contacts.

General contractors and remodeling subcontractors choose Superior Custom Plumbing.

Superior Custom Plumbing knows you can choose from several plumbing services for your project, but we believe that as a general contractor, you should consider the following:

We are professional, reliable, and efficient. 

Our team is fully licensed and insured. In addition to being trained in the latest skill sets, our technicians are friendly and respectful of your time and home. Superior Custom Plumbing makes sure to show up when we say we will so your project can stay on track.

We have an excellent reputation with both residential and commercial customers. 

Superior Custom Plumbing enjoys continued success because we treat every customer with respect, courtesy and deliver high-quality work.

We know all about remodeling & renovations.

Superior Custom Plumbing specializes in installing bathrooms, kitchens, and plumbing fixtures for new house construction, remodeling, and retrofitting. We are a high-end plumbing contractor providing new pipes, fixtures, toilet kits, and full bathroom renovations. Every kitchen and bathroom remodeling job is unique. We do custom designs and perform each task impeccably.

Our skills include problem-solving.

Working with a plumbing company that knows how to solve problems is crucial when you’re working on a big project. From the start, Superior Custom Plumbing will work with you to ensure all plans are accurate and detailed. From there, we will remain vigilant throughout the project, carefully inspecting and monitoring your plumbing system at every stage of the process to confirm it’s progressing smoothly.

However, even when careful planning and close supervision occur, issues can arise that no one anticipates. When these situations occur—and they inevitably will—Superior Custom Plumbing is ready to step up and solve them in a prompt and courteous manner. Whether we employ creative solutions or craft an entirely new plan for your project’s direction, you can trust us to do what needs doing to get your job done correctly in a timely fashion.

Everyone needs a backup. We can help when your plumber can’t make it. Superior Custom Plumbing always returns your calls! Call us. (425) 356-1994

Industry Experience

Industry experience is the knowledge and expertise of a company’s employees. It might mean having been in business for a long time or working on many projects. The more industry experience a person has, the better they can solve problems and implement solutions. And when you hire a contractor with industry experience, it translates into success for your project, your customers, and your bottom line.

We keep up with the latest plumbing trends, technologies, and advancements to offer customers better quality services and products. Our goal is to give the best service efficiently and cost-effectively.

Good Communication/ Attention to Detail

Superior Custom Plumbing takes great pride in knowing the details of a project and following through on plans to achieve plumbing goals. We identify objectives and develop strategies to achieve the best job possible. We are great at responding quickly to changes while doing a great job that is completed on time.

We care about Safety

Good safety skills are necessary for all plumber careers because of the physical demands and physical risks involved in the job. We keep safety in mind all of the time.

As a local Snohomish business that has served the area since 1997, we know how important it is to be punctual and prepared so your clients can feel confident they made the right choice in hiring you for their home improvement projects. Let us show you why Superior Custom Plumbing is superior!

When you are planning your next construction, remodeling, or rehab project, call Superior Custom Plumbing. (425) 356-1994