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Fixture Installation

Snohomish – High-End Custom Plumbing & Fixture Installation

Building a new home is an exciting adventure for the owner and the team they hire for construction. For a general contractor, it’s their responsibility to oversee the entire construction of the house. Their job includes recruiting the best crew to do the job right, so when the house is complete, the owners are satisfied. When contractors need talented and reliable plumbers in the Snohomish area, they call Superior Custom Plumbing.(425) 356-1994.

Snohomish area (general) contractors know that Superior Custom Plumbing has industry experience, are problem solvers, and perform the job with a unique set of exemplary skills. If you are a contractor looking for a trusted and reliable plumber for new plumbing and fixture installation and you are building in the greater Snohomish area, Call Superior Custom Plumbing. (425) 356-1994.

Superior Custom Plumbing has over 25 + years of plumbing installation experience, specializing in high-end remodeling and replacement from Monroe to Seattle. We have certified plumbers on staff ready to help you with all your plumbing repairs and replacements.

High End Custom Plumbing

New Bathroom Construction, Fixture Installation

Superior Custom Plumbing specializes in installing bathrooms for new house construction, plus remodeling and retrofitting houses for a new look. We are a high-end plumbing contractor providing new pipes, fixtures, toilets kits, and full bathroom renovations. Every kitchen and bathroom remodeling job is unique. We do custom designs and perform each task flawlessly with perfection.

We are devoted to providing homes with the very best plumbing installation services from start to finish. With this devotion in mind, Superior Custom Plumbing provides services for construction and remodeling. Each service includes the installation of plumbing fixtures such as tubs, showerheads, faucets, toilets, and much more!

Dreaming of a New Bathroom

We are experts at luxury bathroom fixtures for any design. Whether you are into contemporary,
traditional, tropical, rustic, southwestern, shabby-chic, eclectic, modern, beach style, craftsman, or farmhouse. Whatever you have chosen for your bathroom dream, we will install it. If water runs through it, we do it!

We have experience installing the most unique designs of bathroom fixtures, including several popular and major named brands.

Many bathroom fixtures come standard with homes in your area, but you can easily upgrade to a luxury shower or bathtub, depending on your taste and budget.

Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are permanent features in the bathroom that connect to the plumbing or wiring. These items do not move easily without extensive renovation work. Only an expert plumber can install a bathroom fixture because renovation work is required to move fixtures. You must choose fixtures carefully because they usually last for many years.

When you need new bathroom fixtures to give your home a facelift, it’s time to start your remodeling project. Add all the must-have fixtures now and enjoy your new bathroom right away. 

No matter what you choose from the latest faucets and bathtubs in various styles and finishes, we will safely install them. Modern fixtures are designed to suit your needs, with features including convenient waste disposal and smart control functions. If it’s in your dream design, we’ll make it work.

From simple and sleek to elaborate and luxurious, bathroom fixtures have everything you need to create a luxury bathroom. Whatever finish or design you choose, you’ll enjoy the benefits of smart fixtures that provide an easier, safer bathroom experience that reduces waste and helps improve the quality of life and health.

Customer Satisfaction

Superior Custom Plumbing is familiar and has worked regularly in the greater Northwestern Washington region. We’ve built a reputation for customer satisfaction, dedication to excellence, and friendly service in that time. With an outstanding track record of quality workmanship and customer care, we have established ourselves as a premier plumbing contractor in our area. You can trust that you’re calling on the best of the best when you call us.

Our customers recommend us because they know they can always expect prompt, courteous service from our highly trained staff members. We’ll provide you with an honest estimate before starting any work so that you won’t be surprised by extra costs down the road. We are honest, and our prices are realistic.

As a locally owned business here in Washington, we want to make sure all of our neighbors are taken care of – when you’re designing a new bathroom, making plumbing additions, or replacing old plumbing, we will save you time, money, and hassle.

For new house construction and remodeling, call Superior Custom Plumbing. (425) 356-1994.